Corinne Massoulle

Date: October 23rd, 2020

Corinne was born in Gap, Haut Alps, France, where she lived with her family, attending further schooling she received her education in nursing. Corinne moved to Winnipeg to nurse at the St. Boniface Hospital in 1980 where she worked for 20 years. This is also where Corinne learned English so well.

Corinne met Wayne in Oxbow, Sask. in 2000 and moved to Camrose in 2001 to be with Wayne. They loved each other deeply and always had fun at whatever came their way. Corinne and Wayne spent many miles on road trips looking for antiques and sales. Gardening became a passion after Wayne introduced her to their back garden. She loved all types of flowers, unusual and bright, with a soft spot for her favorite colours. Corinne and Wayne opened and operated Alberts Family Restaurant in 2001 and it was a big hit with customers and staff. Ignatius Schwab became the baker.

Corinne loved working at Lou’s Fashions. She loved the staff and earned many compliments from her clients. She always assisted clients in finding just the right thing.  While working at Lou’s Corinne began to visit Pedersen’s quite often to look at the flowers and before long had offered to help when they were busy. This is when Corinne found her true calling and began working at Pedersen’s full time. Clients would ask for Corinne as they said her arrangements always have some sparkle to them to make them unique and special. Corinne continued to work until late August, as she would say “I want to, it's good therapy” then would laugh and say “I GET TO PLAY WITH FLOWERS all day, who wouldn’t like that!" Corinne was always ready to volunteer or assist everyone from family and friends to whatever event was taking place. She always had to be the one to carve the meat. Corinne was an excellent chef, our family gatherings will not be the same.  Corinne had an infectious laugh, great sense of humour, a joy for life. She was a fighter and brave. We loved her positively wicked, awesome, crazy, energy, as well as her positive outlook on life! Above all her awesome accent!  She loved her friends, family and neighbours.  Pickle came into Corinne and Wayne’s life and she loved that cute Pug.

Corinne Massoulle is predeceased by her father Gilbert Massoulle; father-in-law Ignatius Schwab; mother-in-law Blanche Schwab; sisters-in-law Shawna and Karen.

Corinne will be truly missed by her husband Wayne Schwab; son Marc Massoulle; 21 brothers and sisters-in-laws; 24 nieces and nephews, with 30 plus grand-nieces and grand-nephews. Corinne‘s family in France including mother Monique; sisters Valeri and Laurance; brother Pascal and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.   P.S. The family understands the grief felt by Corinne’s many friends and would like to express our sympathy for your loss. Thank you so very much for loving our Corinne.

Due to the Covid19 restrictions a private family service will be held.

Memorial donations may be made to the Salvation Army or to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

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