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At Weber Funeral Home we are dedicated to providing quality funeral services no matter what level of service a family is asking us to provide. Whether we provide immediate cremation without a funeral service, or a traditional funeral service it is always our goal to be certain that we provide the best possible care that we are able to. We also believe it is our role as a funeral home and funeral directors to provide guidance into what the next steps are that could be taken to help with a healthy transition into a new lifestyle without your loved one by your side.

Holding a funeral service following the death of a loved one not only confirms that a death has occurred but also that a life has been lived. The planning of a service is the first step a family takes which helps them face the reality of death and express grief in a healthy manner. The funeral service also provides an environment where it is socially acceptable to express your feelings of loss and grief, to allow family and friends to remember, acknowledge, and honor the life lived, while having the support of others from the community. Grief shared is grief diminished.