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People for various reasons have come in to the funeral home and discussed pre-arranging their funerals.  While it is important to record ones wishes, one should also consider what their families will need at the time of ones death; how one dies will influence those needs. For instance, a sudden and unexpected death in an accident may leave a family with different emotional needs, causing them to make difference choices than if their loved one had a lingering death.

For more information regarding pre-arranging a funeral service feel free to call us at 1-866-672-3131. We also provide informational pre-planning booklet for those who are interested in having a personal record of their wishes.  This pre-planning booklet records funeral wishes, estate information and much more.

Pre-payment of costs can be made ahead of time if desired.

If you have an existing pre-paid funeral contract with another funeral home, we can guide you how to transfer to our funeral home or to any funeral home of your choice.