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Obituary of Louis Sereda



   Louis Sereda was born December 22, 1928 in Kingman, Alberta. He passed away at St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta on October 31, 2021 at the age of 92 years.


     Louis’s education started at Farmington School where he attended grades 1 through 8 and then grades 9 through 11 at the Kingman School. After completing his education he too training as a Telegraph Operator in Fort Frances, Ontario. This training took him back to Alberta where he was employed in Lloydminster, Smoky Lake, Elk Point and Redwater. He spoke very fondly of Smoky Lake as it was a town that had many Ukrainian people and he felt most at home with.


     Louis worked at this job for a time but his yearning for more education took him to SAIT where he received his Fireman and Steam Fitter Class 4 ticket. Upon completing that he moved on to become a mechanic for many years working at several dealerships and retiring from Johnston Walker Sky Park.


     In his retirement years he worked at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton, Alberta where he was the maintenance man. He also maintained the Zamboni’s and spoke fondly of Kurt Browning whom he would speak to on a daily basis about his training. He said Kurt would always stop to talk during his busy schedule.


     Upon retiring from the Royal Glenora Club, Louis became increasingly involved in the day to day altar care at St. Joseph’s Basilica where he was a parishioner for many years. Louis was very dedicated to his faith and attended mass daily.


     Louis was also an avid sportsman. He enjoyed his weekend fishing excursions around many different Alberta lakes, but his favourite was Lake Wabumun. He went there so often that people who lived there knew his vehicle, his beloved 1955 Pontiac which he had his entire life. Louis also loved to talk about guns and ammunition. He spent many years at his farm by Round Hill target practicing and sighting in his guns. He could talk for hours on end with his nephew Bob Kozack about the latest and greatest and also what to buy and what to avoid. Some weekend mornings while visiting the Kozack farm we would be awakened by the crack of gun fire. We didn’t worry, we knew who it was. Golfing was also his passion and Tiger Woods was his favourite golfer whom he followed very closely, constantly checking his stats.


     Louis regularly spoke kindly of his family and reminisced about not having a family of his own. He loved children and was always eager to teach any young mind that would listen. Louis always reiterated the fact of how important education was and he was curious about everything mathematical and structural. He was an avid reader right up to his passing. Louis loved books and believed you should never get rid of them. Keep them as a reminder and a reference he would say.


     Louis’s memory lives on with his sisters Sophia Lynn of Sechelt, B.C. and Rosie Kozack of Kingman, Alberta. His family also included many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. He was predeceased by his parents Peter and Mary Sereda; brothers-in-law Albert Lynn and Joseph Kozack.


     Louis was a very kind and gentle man of faith, whom worked very hard all his life. He was very fond of animals, especially cats as they were his favourite. Towards the end of his life he would often use the phrase, Vichnaya Pamyat-Memory Eternal. Most fitting!


Due to the pandemic restrictions a private funeral service will be held at the Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church, Round Hill at a later date. Interment will take place at the Kingman Cemetery.


Memorial donations may be made to a charity of one's choice or the Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church, Round Hill.

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