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January 10, 1931 - August 13, 2022




Harold Frederick Hauser was born on January 10, 1931 to Anthony and Elizabeth Hauser. He was the youngest of five children. Harold was born at the neighbor’s house, where the wife assisted with local births.


He grew up on the family farm located south of Strome and north of Forestburg, working hard. Dad and his siblings attended the Hauser School located within walking distance.


Dances, parties and ice-cream making. Harold stayed on the farm and took over after his father’s death in 1960. One weekend there was a wedding in Heisler and Harold drove over for the dance. There he met a beautiful bridesmaid, Lena Herle. The Herle’s farmed east of Heisler and had 11 children.


Harold and Lena married in June 1956. To this union five children were born, three boys and two girls. Milking cows, the excitement with the purchase of two milking machines. Hundreds of chickens with eggs shipped to Edmonton. The excitement with the electric egg washer. They had pigs for a few years, dogs and cats and a huge garden with lots of raspberries. A time to remember was when Dave and Sandy burned down the patch because “we didn’t want to pick anymore raspberries”. Saskatoons, chokecherries and crab apples picking, cleaning and canning. Lots of rock picking and manure hauling, bales and harvesting. Mom and dad always made sure we had lake trips and Big Knife Park for picnics. Those were busy years!


Mom returned to work as a nurse at the Killam hospital and when all the children were in school. A sense of kindness, honesty and commitment were instilled in our lives growing up. The importance of education, learning and religious values were stressed in our lives. I remember well when dad and mom drove to the school to have a discussion with the teacher regarding Sandy’s punishment for being left handed. Lots of memories. Dave’s eye surgery in his toddler years in Edmonton, Laurel being accidently locked outside in a thunderstorm, the trauma! Dad’s great love of food, especially sweets and fish. Busy productive years. Then came the graduations, weddings and a bonus of five grandsons that dad and mom loved so very much. Music was so very important, violin on special occasions and most evenings.


Tragedy struck the family when Mark passed away in 1993. It was a tough time.


Mom and dad moved to Camrose in 1995 and rented out the land. Lena passed away in 1997. It was a difficult time to understand and comprehend. It was always said that “happier times are ahead” and “behind every cloud is the sun shining”. How very true. Dad married Henriette 23 years ago and Henriette brought happiness, order and love to dad’s life. They were a great couple with their blended families.


Harold passed away at St. Mary’s hospital in Camrose on the afternoon of Saturday, August 13, 2022. He is survived by his wife Henriette and her four children and his children Sandy (Will), son Steven (Callie), son Evan (Marissa), Chase, Taegan, Chanelle, Dave (Suzanne), Laurel (Garry), son Shaun (Josie), Jaxson, Cohen, Emerson, son Kent and son Scott.


He was predeceased by his first wife Lena and sons Mark, Joseph (1962).


On one side of the water are family and friends waving goodbye and on the other side are family and friends waving hello! (This was quoted at Mark’s funeral).

Rest in peace. You taught us so very much dad!


A private family service will be held.


Memorial donations may be made to the St. Mary's Hospital Foundation.


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