Pati Olson

Obituary of Pati Olson

   Patricia Lynn Olson, beloved wife, mother, sister, grandmother and devoted friend slipped quietly into a coma and passed away on March 22, 2021. She was surrounded by loving care as she was greeted, “Home”.

   Patricia Lynn Olson was born on August 3rd,1952 in Grande Prairie, Alberta to Iver and Nora( Molvik) Olson. She was the middle child with older sister, Judy and younger twins, Ricky and Vicky (Tori). We all learned quickly that Pati was the boss who had mom and dad wrapped around her finger by her sweet coyness and charm. She was notorious for pulling your big toe to make you obey her wishes.

    We believe she carried that skill set in raising her boys. Pati grew up in Beaverlodge, Alberta surrounded by animals, birds and nature, which she adored. She had a passion for horses, belonged to the Beaverlodge 4-H Horse Club where she groomed and showed, “Apache”, her little brown and white pinto. Her cousins often referred to her as the “Horse Whisperer”. Pati had a phenomenal childhood with aunts and uncles supporting and loving her, cousin adventures and a mother and dad who exempted the meaning of “Love your fellow Man”.

   Pati graduated from Beaverlodge High School in 1970. Her independent streak showed itself shortly after graduation, so she left for Edmonton to pursue a career in Radio and Television Arts from Nait, graduating in 1972. Young and indestructible, she started in Radio, and then moved to Educational Television and worked as assistant producer on film, videos sports series, documentaries and a daily live show. In 1976 she joined a video production company (VideoPack) doing corporate videos, commercials, travel, sports and educational mini series. Pati excelled at her work and soon was offered partnership and anchor in the company.  Her astonishing imagination blossomed and she thrived on each opportunity presented. Work was a play zone which she looked forward to and we know she did not get much sleep as her imaginative and creative brain never stopped to rest. She embraced her career with great zeal, loving all the challenges and adventure it brought. In the 80’s she formed her own company, “Bogart Productions” and did contract work as project manager/producer on art documentaries and feature films. Her son Patrick joined her and worked as a Production Assistant which thrilled her and gave the opportunity to show him ”Her World”. In 2016 she was able to go to Sarajevo to work on one of her projects. One of her favorite documentaries “Heroine Healers” featured Aboriginal women in traditional and non traditional healing roles. Pati had a passion for social and environmental themes, performing arts and animation. She was an excellent Producer with an inquisitive mind that thought to ask questions others may not. She was passionate about her projects and made sure professionalism prevailed.

   Pati married Bill Gordon on July 23, 1983 in Ministik. Soon they started a family, Franklin being born in 1985, then the twins, Billy and Patrick in 1988. Pati and Bill longed to be in the country so they bought an acreage outside Tofield, built a house and called that Home for many years. Pati embraced being a Mom and their home was filled with adventure (like sledding off the roof of the house), fun with the endless pool parties and hot tub nights, laughter, acceptance, hard work (endless mowing and weeding) and love. She was very involved with the boy’s Scouting for many years, becoming a Scout trainer/leader and helping the boys create many projects and precious memories. Her favorite hobby was wood carving and, of course, we all know her passion for cats. She was a Sunday school teacher and loved belonging and participating in the Lutheran Church. Great joy came when Franklin married Megan and they had ilana. Pati loved being a grandmother, bragging about all the milestones HER grand-daughter had and beaming with pride as she did so.  Pati opened her home to all, celebrating friendships with neighbours, lending a shoulder to help bear life’s burdens, eager ears to listen and a generous, kind and loving heart to share with all. She was a  beautiful soul who touched many lives.

   One of the most challenging times in Pati’s life was when her mother Nora died of cancer at age 46. She experienced more loss when she was bombarded with loss of husband, two very close friends, her father, older sister and brother all within a short period of time. The experience of such pain was a heavy burden for her as she Loved hard and losing was devastating for her. She always felt thankful to the Friends who helped bear this great loss.

    Pati was widowed for several years after Bill’s passing in 2008. On May 27,2017 Pati married Glen Davies. They had a honeymoon in Portugal in June followed by another party in August for friends. They made their home and resided in Tofield. Shortly after their marriage she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s which was a terrible blow. Pati struggled with loss of memory, skills and independence, it was a challenge to keep going in life, knowing her condition would only worsen. She was a brave warrior who tried to maintain a happy countenance and always tried to recite in her mind my dad’s motto of life, which was: “Rest if you need but be brave, have humor and carry on the fight. Never give up!”  Even in her last days  she teased the nurses who assisted her and always said thank you for medications and assistance that was given. She was a true lady and a beautiful soul who appreciated, valued and cherished being part of all our lives. Her life will be remembered fondly as a significant strand in the braid of this family

   Pati is survived by her husband Glen Davies; sons Franklin (Megan, grand-daughter iLana) Gordon, Patrick Gordon, Billy Gordon (Chelsey Howard); her sister Tori Watchman (Richard); sister-in-law Judy Olson; sister-in-law Gwyneth (Ben) Pelster;  brother-in-law Brian Harris; nieces and nephews Rhonda (Dean) Jury, Danielle O’Dell (Adrian Satermo), Carrie (Dean) Thomson, Clint (Danielle) Olson, Garrett Olson, Raegan( Katie) Watchman, Whitney Watchman. She has many great nephews and nieces and wonderful supportive cousins in Beaverlodge, Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Camrose.

    Pati is predeceased by her first husband Bill Gordon; father Iver Olson; mother Nora Olson; sister Judy Delain; brother Rick Olson; grandmother Gunda Molvik; grandfather Roy Molvik; grandmother Gertrude Olson; and grandfather Ole Olson.

  Due to covid19 restrictions a private family service has been held.  Cremation has taken place and inurnment will take place at the Tofield Cemetery.  Memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer's Society, or to the Camrose Hospice Society.



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